Libraries need extended hours

Libraries are open 24 hours for finals week, but this schedule should be in place all year long.

Maddie Eaton

Finals week is upon us. Students spend the last of their time trying to cram in as much information and coffee as they possibly can in the few short days before their tests.
They often look for quiet solace within the library, taking advantage of extended library hours during this jam-packed week.
Students spend a significant amount of time in the library during finals week, but many of us are also there during normal weeks. Oftentimes, there are projects due throughout the semester that are just as difficult and stressful as prepping for final exams. 
Additionally, due to the fact that many college students live in cramped apartments and dorm rooms, it’s often hard to find a quiet space to study, especially late at night. For these reasons, it seems obvious why the school should extend library hours not only during finals week but all the time.
As a resident of a two-bedroom, four-person apartment, I can relate to this issue. As much as I love  my roommates, it can be difficult to find a quiet space in my apartment to study, especially on weekends. I often resort to the library in order to get my work done. 
During normal weeks when the library closes at midnight, I usually end up packing up and continuing work once I get home. This can be a challenge, especially when my roommates don’t have anything due the next day.
Perhaps students would spend more time studying if they didn’t have to constantly move around to find a quiet space. I think the benefits of that are clear — more time studying could lead to higher grades, thus satisfying students, professors and University of Minnesota administrators alike.