Fewer guns, fewer dead people

Cleansing the streets of guns can start with the guns sitting in Wal-Mart stores.

Last week marked the sixth anniversary of the Columbine school shootings. Along with it, two high school students in Kansas soon will face charges for planning a similar attack. Shootings in Minneapolis also have been surprisingly common lately. The occurrence of these violent acts can be lessened by one thing for sure: gun control.

Shooting after shooting, it becomes clear the problem is that too many people are able to legally acquire handguns in America. Too many people who do legally own handguns aren’t keeping them safe from their children.

What do people even need handguns for? Protection, right? However, if no one could buy or carry a handgun legally, no one would need a handgun to protect themselves. Also, it is a lie for anyone to say he or she needs a handgun in case of being shot at. The shooter would pull out a gun and shoot before the victim ever could get a gun out of his or her pants and shoot back to protect him- or herself. People who buy handguns likely are people who will use them in ways that affect others’ safety.

Minnesota’s Personal Protection Act, also known as the conceal-carry law, is very controversial legislation that allows people to carry a handgun in public with a permit. This permit is given to anyone who has not been convicted of certain violent crimes or those who have finished a prison sentence 10 years prior to applying for a permit.

This means that someone who killed someone and served time potentially could be given a gun to carry in public legally 10 years later and that the state says this is perfectly fine.

There always will be those who think guns are cool to own, but there is a distinct difference between those who carry a gun in public and those that keep their guns locked up at home. The only way these violent shooting occurrences will decrease is if the amount of guns out there decreases.