Lambert’s act a step backwards for equality

The idol’s AMA act does not get all yeses from the gay community.

Zach Flessert

Ghandi once said, âÄúIn a gentle way, you can shake the world.âÄù Adam Lambert has decided to upheave the nation with his pelvic thrusts and not-so-subtle dance moves. In the Nov. 30 Minnesota Daily column âÄúLambert not so idol worthy,âÄù the author wrote that LambertâÄôs actions are not insulting because of his sexual orientation but rather because of the nature of his actions and the audience watching. She assumes the entire gay community backs Lambert, but she couldnâÄôt be more wrong. As part of the gay community, I was appalled by LambertâÄôs actions because he does end up representing the gay community. I certainly do not have his back. Celebrities need to be setting examples of professionalism and understanding. We need our own Martin Luther King Jr. to set the stage for peaceful but forceful demonstrations to get equality legislation passed. The author clearly thinks gays have their own âÄúprominentâÄù place in society, perhaps as the âÄúWill to her Grace.âÄù Her stereotypes are extremely upsetting. Those who fight against equality legislation claim to be defending marriage and the conservative idea of a family. LambertâÄôs actions are clearly a cultural attack against this and are completely inappropriate not only for young eyes but also in the political fight for equality. These flamboyant shove-it-in-your-face acts are helping no one, but rather forcing us to take steps back in the fight for equality. It is calm education that creates an environment open to equality for the GLBT community. The author needs to take a look at the standard she sets by refusing to acknowledge other lewd acts put on by straight artists. If she claims LambertâÄôs actions are wrong based on content alone, where is the criticism for the rest of the show? Perhaps the Daily could refrain from printing such offensive and baseless material.