A day on the water: A club sports extra

Last Thursday through Sunday, the University Sailing Race team competed against 52 other boats in the Midget Ocean Racing Club’s International Championship Regatta. Despite being the only nonprofessional team, the University sailors took 30th place overall.
“Prior to the beginning of the weekend, a competitor commented that the University team wouldn’t be a factor in the race, however, by Sunday we had proved we could hold are own and were holding our heads high,” said University College sophomore Laura Ferdinandsen, a skipper and sailing trimmer. Sunday the team came in first in their class.

Oct. 9 and 10 is the 9th annual Streuffert Cup, the Midwest Collegiate Racing Association’s annual regatta. About 12 boats will compete, two of which will be sailed by University students. The event will take place on Lake Minnetonka. Boats will depart each morning from the Wayzata Yacht Club. For information, contact Karri Zaitz at (612) 625-6017.