GOP should put money where mouth is

(U-WIRE) MORGANTOWN, W.V. — Pockets sagging with cash, the National Republican Congressional Committee is busy buying television ads.
Apparently, there hasn’t been enough focus on the Republican issues. Apparently something else is going on in Washington that is drawing attention away.
Lamented Rep. Anne Northup, a Kentucky Republican, “It’s been very difficult for our party to get out the message of how hard we’ve worked for American families. There’s only one way to get our message out with today’s rush, rush environment and that’s through television.”
Which is funny, because Republicans seem to have gripes with television when it comes to quality programming. But nevermind that.
Ads are definitely the way for the GOP to convince people of how hard they are working to better the American family. Or perhaps they could try actually working hard for American families.
In fact, rather than doing the “little things” that might be viewed as positive for families, Republicans have voted to cut welfare.
Apparently unemployed families aren’t families.
Republicans have fought against initiatives to support a constitution of patient rights.
Needless to say, patients apparently ask too much by asking for rights.
Republicans have been well known to come down hard on single parenthood.
Because only the traditional definition of a family is the definition worth using, regardless of the fact that most kids do not grow up in the “traditional” definition.
And rather than stopping the straight up hypocrisy of pro-family advertising, the Republicans push on.
Ads will also attempt to reflect Americans’ dissatisfaction of the whole Monica Lewinsky issue. I too, am dissatisfied with the Lewinsky issue, and might be swayed by these ads if it weren’t the Republicans who keep beating it into the ground. Rather than expedite the process to bring about a quick end to the issue, there is an effort on to strive for an answer by the new year.
This is clearly way too long. And a problem for the Republicans. They certainly will be hard pressed to convince people that they want an end to the whole issue if it ends up dragging through the Nov. 3 elections.
What is most distressing is just how much money the Republicans are spending on their ads.
Seven million dollars.
That is good money for food shelters.
Or schools.
Or those in need.
Or the sick.
But rather than contribute to charities that will benefit families, people have been donating to a political organization that claims it will work to benefit families.
And you have to wonder which is a better idea.
Charities are right there, in the heart and thick of it all, feeding the hungry, clothing the unclothed and nursing the sick.
And the GOP? I don’t recall seeing Newt or Trent or Dick or any of the other good people of the party down at any charity helping anyone.
But Republicans are sick of being the hypocrites. The RNCC spokesman is mad because Democrats go out of their way to sound and act like Republicans.
Which is true.
Democrats too want to help the American family.
In fact there are few political parties that don’t want to help the American family, and accepting that most do, I have to wonder why the RNCC spokesman can’t see the difference.
Republicans talk about helping the American family, but don’t, or choose to only help families that fit a certain convenient definition.
Democrats, sounding like Republicans, say they want to help families, and then they go and do it.
Sam Wilkinson’s editorial first appeared Wednesday, October 7, 1998, in The Daily Athenaum, West Virginia University.