Again, Minnesota is most livable state’

For the year 2000, Minnesota has once again earned the award for the most livable state — for the fourth consecutive time since 1997. The award is presented annually by Morgan Quitno Press, the Kansas-based publisher of state and city ranking publications. Morgan Quitno evaluates each state individually, based on 43 economic, social and health factors. Minnesotans — whether born here or not — are fortunate to reside in the nation’s most livable state. During such a period of unprecedented national prosperity, when many states have been experiencing enormous budget surpluses, it is especially honorable for a state to be considered most `livable.’
The award is “based on statistical indicators that reflect the kind of lifestyle that most Americans agree is positive.” Minnesota was chosen most livable this year because of its “huge advantage over other states” with a “record of excellence across-the-board” according to the publisher. The state has a “very well educated, healthy and involved population,” as well as one of the nation’s most successful school systems and lowest unemployment rates. Considering that many of these national indicators are at their best levels in decades, Minnesota’s livability indicators are astoundingly high.
In recognition of the award, Minnesotans should be appreciative of the state’s venerable status as most livable. However, this appreciation must be tempered with concern that if the national economy losses its momentum, Minnesota should still retain its success.