WCHA Championship: Minn. vs. Wis.: Wisconsin wins 5-3

Heidi Hanse

Third period; Wisconsin scored three times in eight minutes. Minnesota made a run, scoring twice. Their second goal was credited to Dagney Willey, which is her first goal in two years. The Gopher’s efforts weren’t in sync with the clock, as their third goal was scored with 32 seconds left in the game. Second period: The penalties continued this period even though both teams started at full strength. The Gophers took the first penalty two and a half minutes into the period. The Badgers took their first penalty of the period eight minutes into the second but their power play was cut short when Emily West collided with a Badger on the blue line and received a controversial cross-checking call. It was a clean hit, except West raised her hands and shoulder as she made contact and, whether it was on purpose or not, it became a penalty. Wisconsin was on a breakaway when Melanie Gagnon took a slashing penalty, but stopped the Badger from scoring. This gave the Badgers a five-on-three advantage and it took them eight seconds to score. Gagnon came out of the box but the Badgers were still on a power play. Minnesota was able to kill that off but four seconds after they were full strength, Wisconsin scored, 57 seconds after their first goal. Five minutes later, Terra Rasmussen shot a rebound into the net to put the Gophers on the board and within one of the Badgers. First period: Wisconsin got the first penalty five minutes into the game and than earned another, giving the Gophers a five-on-three advantage for a 90 seconds. They got one shot and hit the pipe once before senior Gigi Marvin was taken down for another Wisconsin penalty. On the three penalties, Minnesota got only one shot before they took their own turn in the box. Monique Lamoureux and Michelle Maunu took penalties, giving the Badgers their own five-on-three for fifty seconds. Minnesota’s penalties didn’t stop there. Three minutes later, Jen Schoullis sat in the box for an interference call. The rest of the period was a lot of back and forth, with each team getting chances but not putting any pucks in the net. Alyssa Grogan is playing great in the net for the Gophers. She has slid across the crease multiple times to stop a Badger from scoring backdoor. Minnesota was out shot 7-4. On the other end, Jessie Vetter has played a great period. At one point, three Gophers charged the zone on a loose puck. Vetter came out to get the puck. She was knocked off of it, but still managed to get back into the net before Minnesota could score.


The border battle continues. Wisconsin beat Minnesota-Duluth in a 3-1 contest with the Badgers coming from behind to win. This creates No.1 Minnesota playing against No. 2 Wisconsin match-up in the WCHA Final Face-off championship.

Wisconsin’s roster is full of talented hockey players. Their leading scorer is WCHA player of the year Hilary Knight with 68 points. Erika Lawler is second with 55 and Brooke Ammerman has 50. Lawler and Knight are on the first line; Ammerman centers the third.Their goaltender is WCHA first-team member Jessie Vetter.

The Gopher’s point leader is Monique Lamoureux with 71points and her line mate/sister Jocelyne is in second with 61.,

Minnesota is 26-19-4 all-time against Wisconsin and 1-1-2 this year. Each team won a game and won a shootout at their home rink.

Coach Brad Frost’s line-up shows no changes from last night:

Francis-J. Lamoureux-M. Lamoureux