A partisan pin of blame

Chris Walega

To the columnist who wrote âÄúTerrorismâÄôs defining moment,âÄù you need to get your facts straight. I cannot help but doubt you read Joseph StackâÄôs manifesto, because the content of your column suggests that you are simply recycling some hearsay. To call Joe Stack a âÄúright-wing extremistâÄù is nothing but smug slander. IâÄôve read his manifesto, and honestly, it contains points of view that are all over the map. Yes, he did take a couple of somewhat right-wing positions, the preponderance of his ideas are left-wing by universal standards. Do your homework. Spend a couple of minutes reading before you repeat the talking points of your crypto-communist idols, i.e., President Barack Obama, his ilk and their sycophants in the mainstream media. Take for example the fact that Stack bemoaned the âÄúgreedâÄù of uncaring insurance companies. For crying out loud, this guy ended his manifesto by favorably contrasting the Marxist creed with his (deranged) idea of capitalism. If you want to look at violent whack-jobs, look to the left, they all but own the market. Look at Bill Ayers or that nut job who shot people because she was denied tenure. Chris Walega, University undergraduate student