Osenieks, Ahanmisi among 32 hottest male college athletes

by Jace Frederick

The Gophers might not have qualified for the NCAA Tournament this season, but a couple of the players are in the midst of a different form of March Madness.

Senior guard Maverick Ahanmisi and junior forward Oto Osenieks are among the final 32 hottest male college athletes in a contest being held by the To Be Honest radio show.

Ahanmisi said Osenieks showed him the page on Tuesday.

“It’s cool to be known as one of the hottest, but I don’t really see myself as that,” Ahanmisi said. “It doesn’t really mean anything.”

The athletes range in schools and sports from UCLA soccer player Alex Padilla to Alabama football star T.J. Yeldon.  

Ahanmisi and Osenieks are one of just three pairs of teammates — including Gophers hockey players A.J. Michaelson and Jake Bischoff — to be included in the final 32.

“I guess were a good looking group then,” Ahanmisi joked.

Fans can vote for Ahanmisi and Osenieks here, while tracking results through the @ToBeHonestRadio Twitter account..