Support for Obama pick

I would like to commend the Editorial Board on its choice to endorse Barack Obama for president. While the editors pointed out reasons to vote for Obama based on our most pressing current issues, I would like to suggest another issue voters should consider when going to the polls next week: the men themselves. Had this election been held two years ago, John McCain may very well have been a fantastic choice for the Republican nomination and, perhaps, the presidency itself. However, the man has fled so far from his âÄúbipartisan maverickâÄù ideals that it’s hard to tell who he is, anymore. Once a shining light of audacity and responsibility in the Senate, he has now all but sold his soul to the Karl Rove school of conservatism, running in every direction at once to appease a Republican base that was uneasy with him from the start. His selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, a clear move to rally die-hard conservatives, made clear his lack of judgment and fortitude. Those who believe McCain truly wanted Palin as his vice president are fooling themselves. While Obama never succeeded in defining âÄúchangeâÄù during his campaign, he has proven to be an electrifying man who can truly stand upon his own convictions. Some criticize his word choice and manner of speaking as being lofty and elitist at times, but that’s precisely what this country needs after years of âÄúaw shucks, amenâÄù conservatism. A president should inspire all of us to do better and be more involved in our nation and alongside our neighbors. Obama’s drive, positions and gravitas all add up to a president who will accomplish amazing things. This year, we have seen one candidate stand by his convictions and drastically change the way politics feels. The other has made countless U-turns and become what he once stood against. When voting next Tuesday, choose based upon the issues that matter to you most. Just don’t forget the kind of person and type of politics that will come along with it. Scott Heins University Student