Sororities elect new leaders for Panhellenic Council

Brady Averill

The Panhellenic Council elected its leaders for next year Wednesday at Coffman Union.

The council is the governing body of sororities at the University.

Abby Weinandt, a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, was elected president and will replace outgoing president Christina Magnuson, of Pi Beta Phi sorority, in December.

“I’m very passionate about all this,” Weinandt said after the election. “(It’s) a great chance to impact a large community of people.”

Weinandt served as vice president of public relations on the council last year.

Besides president, the council held elections for five other positions. Candidates were required to give a speech and have a seconding speech at last week’s meeting.

Some candidates ran uncontested. The council decided to vote on the positions instead of waiting for more people to run. Magnuson said the candidates who ran really wanted the position.

Individual sororities voted on the candidates during their weekly meetings, and delegates representing each sorority voted at the meeting Wednesday.

Magnuson said at the beginning of the meeting, “It’s been a really fun past year, but I’m sad. It’s coming to a close.”

While she was president, Magnuson attended meetings, often with University officials, and organized the first Youth Day and other activities.

“It’s bittersweet, because I know the new council will do a really great job,” she said.

Last year, Magnuson said, the council was brand new. Now, some of the new officers will transition from old jobs on the council.

Weinandt’s involvement with the council last year helped make her ready to be president, she said.

As vice president of public relations, she said, she developed the public relations program. She said her biggest struggle was maintaining a positive community image. She said she plans to work with the person who will take her place.

As president, she said, she hopes to continue to maintain a positive image and work with the newly formed Minnesota Greek Alumni Partnership.

“I’m relieved and excited. It’s going to be a fun year,” she said.