Health care policy information needed when registering

Skipping a step in the new registration process could land students in a health insurance program they didn’t choose.
Under the new semester system, students are required to re-enter their hospitalization policy information when registering. If this is not done, students will be enrolled in the University’s health plan.
“It is a regents’ policy that all students have hospitalization insurance of some kind,” said David Golden, director of public health, marketing and program development at Boynton Health Service.
Officials at Boynton are worried that students do not know they need to re-enter their information.
To date, Boynton staff members do not know how many students are signed up for the University health plan. Golden said between 5,000 and 7,000 students typically enroll in the University program. But this year he said the enrollment could be as high as 20,000.
“Basically, we are expecting the worst,” Golden said.
Students have until Sept. 17 to enter their policy information, otherwise they will be charged for the University’s insurance plan.
— Megan Boldt