Weekend Round-Up: Couches and salmonella

by Mike Rose

Your weekend news, briefly:

*Admittedly, the Weekend Round-Up usually features your standard news stories, but I had to link to this amusing column by James Lileks of the Star Tribune (and formerly of the Daily). I won’t steal his thunder, but in a nutshell, Lileks writes about front-porch couches (you know, the ones that sit at nearly every Dinkytown home?) and how some City Council members are considering ordinances restricting such furniture arrangements. That’s all I’m saying about the column…you’ll have to click the link to take it all in.

*Also admittedly, The Sid doesn’t get in here often. But, I’ll let him sneak in today for all you (dejected) Gopher fans: The Sid thinks the Gophers men’s basketball team likely threw away a chance to make the NCAA tourney. And he doesn’t seem happy about it.

*Lastly, here’s an article from MinnPost detailing Minnesota’s involvement in unraveling the peanut-salmonella case. Sound familiar? Well, you might remember "Team Diarrhea"-a group made up largely of University of Minnesota School of Public Health graduate students-that was instrumental in tracking down jalapenos as a salmonella source last summer.