New iPad app by Songza suggests music based on your mood

Rebecca Harrington

What type of mood are you in? A new iPad app by Songza suggests music on Monday afternoon for work or study, summertime, an energy boost or brand new music.

The iPad app hit the Apple Store last week and has already reached more than a million downloads, Tech Crunch reported. Songza already had apps for iPhone and Android devices.

"We're trying to make the world's greatest collection of amazing playlists and long-form listening experiences," Elias Roman, co-founder of Songza, told Reuters.

More than 100,000 playlists are compiled by DJs, journalists, critics, music scientists and musicians. Users can filter the playlists based on their mood, activity, decade and situation. Each filter then suggests three specific playlists.

"The idea is: get people to just three playlists really quickly that they're going to love and are going to be perfect for whatever situation they're in and whatever type of music they love," Peter Asbill, co-founder of Songza, told Reuters.