An unearned conservative voice on campus

There have been few things which have amused me as much as reading the Minnesota Daily for the last four years, and with the publication of Josh VillaâÄôs last column I have decided to celebrate and reflect on my time here at the University of Minnesota prior to my upcoming graduation. Few things have made me feel as good about myself than the editorial page. Where else can I read that “Freedom allowed settlers to move west âÄî not government subsidies” or articles by VillaâÄôs coworker Eric Nehring arguing that he likes to keep his light bulbs “nice and toasty”?

Try it sometime if you dare: You can finish their articles in your head by the time you have read the first paragraph. Not only do these columns lack any originality, they are utterly divorced from the truth. Any sixth grader can inform Villa about the Homestead Act, and I guess I donâÄôt even need to spell out what is wrong about the insanity of heating a house with light bulbs.

It would have been nice to have read at least one original and intelligently written article by a conservative in this paper, but alas, this was not to be my fate.

I guess you really canâÄôt blame the Daily too much for this. The increased empowerment of this unoriginal, talking-point voice has happened all over campus. I am leaving a college very different than the one I joined.

Students for a Conservative Voice receiving $147,900, Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow receiving $282,450 in student services fees and now some new group called “The Ayn Rand Study Group” gets $81,885? What liberal group gets anywhere near that kind of money? Is this truly the opinion of the majority of the student body?

Add on top of this the whole second floor of Coffman Union issue, and in some ways I am glad I am leaving this university.

I waited too long to complain about this and now I am leaving. If you hold views in parallel to mine and are returning back to campus, I come to you as Jacob Marley, asking you to cast off the chains of apathy and pressure these organizations to hopefully produce a better University.