Union organizers, let’s make a deal


I’d like to propose a deal to the Graduate Student Workers United organizers. It is readily apparent that some of you have excellent leadership ability. To rally as much support as you have is quite an achievement. Now, let’s consider how we can help each other instead of continue to bicker.

If the union vote passes and we start contract negotiation, we, the anti-union supporters, will pledge to make the best effort we can to make our opinions heard, to facilitate the negotiation process however we can, and to work for the honest betterment of all grad students. Some of us will be eager to serve on the contract negotiation committee that will be formed to represent the grad student voice.

However, we need you to make a pledge in return: If the union does not pass, we ask for your leadership talent and active participation in the current avenues available for change. We need this participation most in graduate student governance, specifically associations currently facing personnel and leadership problems. With your strong organizational abilities and passion to make the University better, certainly you will be eager to help bring about a renaissance in our current organizations if the union fails.

There are options for making the University a better workplace, legally binding or not. Will you be willing to pitch in and lead change even if your union fails? Consider the hand extended.