Men’s BB: Tubby accidentally yells at Maturi (with audio)

Trevor Born

Funny moment at yesterday’s Selection Sunday press conference:

As head coach Tubby Smith addressed the media, shortly after the announcement that the Gophers were in the NCAA tournament, a voice on a phone call began to be a distracting nuisance for all involved. Smith tried to talk through it, but after a few tries, he finally looked up and, annoyed, yelled, "Can you take that phone call elsewhere, please?"

The head that popped up from behind the TV cameras belonged to Athletic Director Joel Maturi, who was calling University President Bob Bruininks to tell him about the selection. Embarrassed and laughing, Smith sheepishly said sorry and requested that Maturi tell Bruininks he was sorry, too. He put his hands on his head and said, "Somebody should’ve told me that was my boss!"

Here is the audio.