Top five things that we picked of the week

Keri Carlson

This week’s topic: Five things that make for a good coffee shop.

1. Cute barristas
Flirting is a pleasure all its own, but when there’s a chance you can get free coffee out of it, it’s the ultimate game for caffeine addicts.

2. Interesting customers
Sometimes the whole point of going to a coffee shop is to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. So there better be some engaging people hanging out or else you’re stuck with a one-sided cell phone conversation about whose turn it is to pick up Davey from soccer practice.

3. Ample seating
Coffee shops are all about lingering and hanging out. It’s hard to do that with a sore bum.

4. Good music
The kind of music that’s played can say a lot about a coffee shop. Be sure to avoid any shop playing syndicated corporate programming.

5. Low prices
Gourmet is good, but the black fuel is better if cheap.