Obama, Ryan campaign last minute in Wisconsin

Alexi Gusso

President Barack Obama visited Madison, Wis. Monday morning for a last-minute campaign stop before tomorrow’s election.

According to the Star Tribune, about 18,000 people gathered near the state’s Capitol for Obama’s rally, which was the president’s third Wisconsin appearance in five days.

Obama stressed the state’s importance in the election with its 10 electoral votes. He also criticized his opponent, Gov. Mitt Romney, calling him a salesman who wants to “repackage all these bad old ideas,” the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

Musician Bruce Springsteen introduced Obama and fired up the crowd with a short performance.

Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan will also return to his home state for a Monday night rally in Milwaukee. He is expected to hold a rally at the Mitchell International Airport, according to Fox 6 Now.

Ryan visited the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Sunday.

A recent Marquette University Law School poll showed that Obama had an 8 percentage point lead over Romney in Wisconsin.