The all-campus elections start today. Here’s what is on the ballot.

For the next three days, the student body can vote on MSA, COGS and PSG presidents and vice presidents, among other positions, and a referendum.

From left, Simran Mishra, Mina Kian, Larranz Guider and Dobbs DeCorsey

From left, Simran Mishra, Mina Kian, Larranz Guider and Dobbs DeCorsey

by Eliana Schreiber

The University of Minnesota’s student government elections are March 5-7, and the following election guide includes all items on Monday’s ballot.

Any undergraduate, graduate, professional or PSEO student who pays the student services fee can vote in the election, including those studying abroad, nondegree seeking, part or full-time students.

The ballot will include the following:

MSA President and Vice President

Presidential candidate Dobbs DeCorsey and vice presidential candidate Larranz Guider are not a part of the Minnesota Student Association and hope to include more outside perspectives from non-MSA students. Both are active members of the University’s speech and debate team.

Their platform is based on making MSA more inclusive and accessible. DeCorsey and Guider’s initiatives include low-sensory study lounges, more study spaces on the St. Paul campus, micro-aggression training and addressing Boynton Health mental health complaints.

Presidential candidate Simran Mishra and vice presidential candidate Mina Kian have both held positions in MSA since their first year on campus.

Specifically, Mishra and Kian want to increase resources for international students, set advisory boards for input from students in multicultural, Greek and ROTC communities and address sexual violence on campus.


This year’s only referendum revives a 2016 movement to get the University to divest from companies supporting Israel. The referendum received numerous complaints from last week, but was approved to be included on the ballot.

The referendum is sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine and other student groups and states:

“Should the students of the University of Minnesota demand the Board of Regents divest from companies that are 1) complicit in Israeli violations of human rights, 2) maintaining and establishing private prisons and immigrant detention centers or 3) violating indigenous sovereignty?”

Students will be allowed to answer yes or no.

MSA At-Large Representatives

Apostolos Kostolis

Benjamin Philbin

Brett Herbers

Brian Rosas

Camila Uruena Rojas

Caroline Pavlecic

Christina Busche

David Dobkin

Emily Graper

Grant Simons

Henry Capuano

Ian Hackman

Jack Thalhuber

Jacques Frank-Loron

Jake Marble

Janet Nguyen

Jeremy Schlitz

Jerika Eppel

John (Jack) Drucker

Katherine Chyna

Maktal Mohamed

Michael Dunst

Mikaela Brandt-Fontaine

Natasha Sohni

Nina Kostic

Ramla Mohamud

Tala Alfoqaha

Taylor Larick

Tyler Sirovy

Van Dang

Zoe Kondes

Council of Graduate Students President and Vice President


Jonathan Borowsky

Scott Petty

Sean Chen

Vice President:

Sean Chen

Professional Student Government President and Vice President


Alanna Pawlowski

Mike Sund

Sonya Ewert

Vice President:

Jeremy Kobany

Student Senate

The candidates can only be voted on by students in their respective colleges. Some colleges, such as the School of Nursing, the College of Pharmacy, the School of Public Health, the College of Design, the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the School of Dentistry do not have candidates running and require voters to write in a name. 

College of Biological Sciences Graduate:

Kelly Wallin

CBS Undergraduate:

Andrea Veloira

Nikil Badey

Sophia Vrba

College of Continuing and Professional Studies:

CJ Griebenow

Tyron N. Terry

College of Education and Human Development Graduate:

Ryan Machtmes

CEHD Undergraduate:

James Farnsworth

College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Science Graduate:

Caroline Pierce

Deepak Haarith

CFANS Undergraduate:

Kenzie Barth

Kevin Behrens

Kyle Manske

Van Dang

Yuying Shan

College of Liberal Arts Graduate:

Jonathan Borowsky

CLA Undergraduate:

Alison Christianson

Alyssa Haniff

Austin Berger

Cassidy Drummond

Catalina Anampa Castro

Cyrus Farivar

Drew Torrance

Garrick Spennwyn

Isaiah Ogren

Jiahui Li

Jonah Walker

Lulua Webo

Maykayla Schumacher

Meara Cline

Morgan Benth

Natalie Magnusson

Saleh Ali

Shukri Elmi

Tristan Kick

College of Science and Engineering Graduate:

Sean Chen

CSE Undergraduate:

Adam Leligdon

Carl Thon

Cole Jensen

Dylan Tey

Lauren Myers

Meghan Flynn

Nathaniel Olson

Tim Zeien

Tyler Wendland

Carlson School of Management Undergraduate:

Amy Ma

Ian Smith

Jerrika Eppel

Leticia Wamulumba

Shirin Fatima

Tony Guo

College of Veterinary Medicine:

Jordan Young

Law School:

Elvis Kim

Medical School:

Salman Ikramuddin