External review announced for Academic Health Center

The Academic Health Center at the University of Minnesota will undergo an external review, University President Eric Kaler announced in an email Monday.

The review will be conducted this spring by a small committee chaired by Dr. Ken Kaushansky of Stony Brook University.

The committee will consider whether the AHC is structured to &amp&undefined;undefined&undefined;ensure excellence&amp&undefined;undefined&undefined; in all of the health science schools at the University, Kaler said.

&amp&undefined;undefined&undefined;One of my strategic goals for the University is to strengthen the health sciences and improve the national reputation of the Medical School,&amp&undefined;undefined&undefined; Kaler said in the email.

The results of an internal evaluation of the AHC&amp&undefined;undefined&undefined;s mission, structure and possible inefficiencies was delivered to Kaler last November, which prompted the discussion of an external review.

In the email sent to University faculty and staff, Kaler said that while the evaluation made several good recommendations, it was not designed to answer questions regarding the &amp&undefined;undefined&undefined;vision and future of the AHC.&amp&undefined;undefined&undefined;

The evaluation was headed by an executive committee appointed by former President Bob Bruininks, including Vice President and Dean Aaron Friedman and Vice President Tim Mulcahy.

The 3&amp&undefined;undefined&undefined;-page report included &undefined;3 pages of feedback from the University committee largely criticizing the evaluation for leaving out a business plan or a justification for certain structures within the AHC.

Kaler called the self-study a &amp&undefined;undefined&undefined;starting point&amp&undefined;undefined&undefined; for the external review, which he said will take place soon after the Medical School accreditation team visits the University in March.&nbsp&undefined;&amp&undefined;undefined&undefined;