NCAA 3-point line rule yielding little change

by Andrew Cummins

Besides an extra, and annoying, arc being visible on courts,  it doesn’t look like the NCAA’s decision to move back the three-point line 12 inches in men’s basketball has had much of an effect. 

We’re almost halfway through conference play and teams are jacking up treys at about the same clip they did a season ago, the Chicago Tribune reports

The percentage of the shots made has dropped slightly nationally, but you’ve got to wonder if that’s because shooters are still getting used to the line being farther back than they’ve been accustomed to since starting high school. 

The Gophers are shooting 35.6 percent from downtown so far this season, down about 1 percent from last season. 

The NBA line is three feet farther back than it is in the college men’s game. Many analysts say that difference is what really sets sharpshooters apart from players with a decent stroke.