Rec likely to change dress code

by Haley Hansen

The University of Minnesota’s recreation center could soon allow gym-goers to swap their T-shirts for tank tops.

At a Minnesota Student Association meeting Tuesday, chair of the Recreation and Wellness Advisory Board Olive Martin said the dress code change would allow sleeveless shirts in all areas of the rec center.

The change isn’t finalized yet. The advisory board will vote on its specifics in December, and if it receives approval, Martin said the policy will likely take effect next semester.

Currently, students must wear T-shirts with sleeves in spaces where fitness equipment is available for open use. Some areas, like all-purpose rooms, already allow sleeveless shirts, Martin said.

The change comes about a year after an MSA student poll found that 88 percent of rec center users said they supported changing the policy to allow sleeveless shirts.

“We just want to make sure the rec is inviting and welcoming,” Martin said.