Convicts caught, but feds’ investigation lingers

by Christopher Aadland

The FBI has started an investigation into possible corruption at Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York, where two inmates escaped earlier this month, CNN reported.

Allegations of drug trafficking and other criminal actions among inmates and prison employees at the prison near the Canadian border will be examined, according to CNN.

The feds attention was first drawn to the prison after two inmates and convicted murderers — David Sweat and Richard Matt — escaped with the help of tools supplied by prison employees, the Washington Post reported.

Both prison employees accused of aiding the escapees have been charged with a variety of crimes, according to the Washington Post.

After nearly three weeks on the run, Matt was killed by police Friday, NBC News reported.

Sweat was shot and captured Sunday. He is in critical condition, NPR reported.

Both men originally planned to head to Mexico with the help of a prison worker, but when she didn’t show up, they changed their course and headed toward Canada, according to CNN.