Fix economy, not abortion rules

The statement, âÄúIf personal beliefs mean so much, why count on the government to create rules and excuses?âÄù was ignorant (RE: Repeal Bush Abortion Law). The government created the Bill of Rights to limit its own power, not to confine people to government âÄúexcuses!âÄù Americans may forget that our rights are insured by a government-issued document that has protected us from the type of tyranny that plagues other countries. This law would give the right to medical professionals to refuse a procedure if it is against their personal beliefs. The comment, âÄúIf you donâÄôt want to perform an abortion, donâÄôt seek a degree. Study the body and undertake a residency to do just thatâÄù was rude. A doctor does much more than just abortions. For example, someone wants to be a delivery doctor or surgeon who would encounter abortions on a regular basis. The reason some of these doctors chose to do this job is to save mothersâÄô and babiesâÄô lives. If you are Catholic and do not want to perform abortions, you shouldnâÄôt be forced to do that small fraction of the job! Taking the right to say âÄúnoâÄù away from any individual who has strong ethical standards in a work environment is an impingement on their individual rights. Obama claimed to be a president who could cross the partisan divide. If he attacks controversial and hot-topic issues for the liberal agenda immediately in office, he will lose the confidence of the conservative half of the American public. Therefore, his first act should not be âÄúthe cancellation of a new federal abortion rule,âÄù but to get out there and fix our economic crisis like he said he would. Jessica Reynertson University student