att Brophy

Hello, I’m Matt Brophy. You might know me from such movies as “Blood on the Highway IV,” “Young Johnny Is Going Through Changes” and “I Still Haven’t Forgotten What You Did The Summer Before Last Summer.” I am 27 years old, though I read at a 29-year-old level. I’m currently a graduate student in the philosophy department, with interests in evolutionary biology, history of science, ethical theory and general philosophy. Before I came here to the arctic climes of Minnesota, I lived in southern California, where everyone drives sport utility vehicles, talks on cell phones and has plastic surgery more frequently than dental check-ups.
I’m still adjusting to Minnesota where strangers are friendly, even if they irritatingly spout, “You bet!,” “Yaaaa” and “Woodja like some pop!?”
I began my writing “career” at the University of California at Santa Barbara, where I was an undergrad in English and philosophy and a contributor to “The Campus Point” magazine. While working on my master’s in philosophy I wrote for “The Grunion,” a high-quality satire publication nobly aimed at making fun of the university and being generally obnoxious.
I’m now writing for The Minnesota Daily because I feel I have certain things to say, and people look at me strangely if I just shout them on the bus. Specifically, I’m writing this biography, not because I think you might care, but because my editor made me.
My column runs every other Wednesday.