Shots fired at New Hope city council meeting

Nick Wicker

            Two officers were injured at around 7 p.m. Monday outside the doors of a New Hope city council meeting when a man with a “long gun” started shooting, according to the Star Tribune. The shooter fired multiple rounds into the crowd of police, two of whom had just been sworn in during the council meeting just moments before. Police at the scene returned fire and fatally shot the suspect. Inside the council chambers, New Hope City Councilman and Minneapolis Police spokesman John Elder was shown on community access video with his gun drawn, telling others in the chambers to get down. Elder told the Pioneer Press that he is feeling “wonderful” in the aftermath of the shooting and that he “had it easy” compared to other officers at the scene.
            According to the Star Tribune, one man said it was his father who was shot and killed in the incident. Nathan Kmetz told the publication his father, Raymond Kmetz, was the shooter in Monday’s situation. 
           The county medical examiner has not yet officially released the identity of the shooter.