An alumnus’ perspective on Dinkytown riots

by Tim McDevitt- University alumnus

As proud as I was of the effort that the University of Minnesota’s hockey team put forth Thursday and again Saturday, the behavior displayed in Dinkytown after the games is embarrassing for alumni. Celebrating by destroying property, setting fires and causing the police to use tear gas is completely inappropriate behavior for anyone, including student-lemmings following a crowd. Illegal behaviors warrant consequences, so with today’s technologies, the unruly ones from Thursday and Saturday nights can expect unprecedented efforts to identify them and hand down appropriate punishments.

I am a frequent visitor to the University areas including Stadium Village and Dinkytown. I should not have to be concerned for my and my family’s personal safety because I happen to be passing through an area around the time an athletic event ends. A majority of University students reading this paper probably had nothing to do with the incidents in Dinkytown this past week, but your silence about the inappropriate behaviors of Thursday night’s riot contributed to the unruliness displayed Saturday night. It’s childish to use social media to spread the seeds of a riot, instead of pointing out the personal danger to would-be participants.

The citizens of Minnesota support the University and provide opportunities for people to enhance their life experience through higher education. That does not include the right to riot after athletic events. This alumnus is extremely disappointed that these events took place in Dinkytown this week.