Vote yes on clean water

Lately, I have been very concerned with what will happen on Nov. 4. We have no power as citizens of this country, anymore, it seems. We are supposed to pick one of two candidates to be the President of the United States of America; otherwise, it is seen as a âÄúwasteâÄù of our all-powerful vote. Thus, we are practically forced to pick between two people whose differences seem to be depleting just like our oil reserves. However, when I became a member of EcoWatch, a student environmental advocacy group on campus, I learned of one very positive thing for both Minnesota and America that could come out of this election. The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment is one of the best things I have heard of in regard to environmental protection and restoration. This constitutional amendment will increase our sales and use tax by a mere 3/8 of a percent (thatâÄôs only about 12 dollars a year, per Minnesotan!) and will raise about $300 million to protect our beautiful outdoors for generations to come. MinnesotaâÄôs lakes, rivers, wildlife habitat and parks are all becoming more and more polluted, and this amendment will be used directly to help restore the Minnesota we all know and love. Not only that: Wisconsin and other surrounding states are thinking of passing similar amendments, depending on what happens here in Minnesota, and who knows what could happen after that. The spotlight is on us, Minnesota. Vote yes on the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Act this coming election and truly make CHANGE happen. We may still have some power, after all âĦ Jason Kopp University student