Get your comic on at Fall Con

Superheroes and humans alike can get their comic on at the comic con.

by Sally Hedberg

What: Midwest Comic Book AssociationâÄôs Fall Convention

When: October 16 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Where: Minnesota State Fairgrounds

Cost: $7 – $1 off admission with a canned food item.


Geek is a slippery term, especially when referring to comic junkies. Their love of The Amazing Spiderman is no less valuable than a love of fine wine or of classic British literature. Their passion for villains, cinematic, cartoon violence and inventive onomatopoeia shouldnâÄôt be laughed at. No, because thereâÄôs nothing nerdy about fighting evil.

While some may ignorantly mock the comic crowd, many others enthusiastically embrace them, and this Saturday, Minneapolitans have the chance to do just that.

The Midwest Comic Book AssociationâÄôs Fall Convention (Fall Con) is an event thatâÄôs anticipated all year.

âÄúItâÄôs the Woodstock of geeks,âÄù said Bob Lipski, creator of the local comic, âÄúUptown Girl.âÄù

The convention, held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, provides a base point for the entire Midwestern comic community to come together and interact. For those within the profession itself, itâÄôs an opportunity to network, to unveil new work, sell products and speak with their audiences and colleagues. For comic enthusiasts, itâÄôs a chance to dress up like a superhero and meet the masterminds behind their most beloved works.

Those who donâÄôt identify as overzealous comic fanatics shouldnâÄôt be scared away. For one, comic book collectors are hardly intimidating, and thereâÄôs still plenty of potential for entertainment.

 âÄúThe people-watching is great,âÄù Lipski assured.

Die-hard fans tend to become wholly invested in their lurid getups for the conventions, adding considerably to the amusing dynamic of the event. Also, hereâÄôs a thought: Why not give comic books a try? While choosing where to delve in could seem like a daunting task, the Fall Con will house an abundance of experts that would surely be thrilled to reel another wide-eyed newbie into their dramatic world.

Many local comic creators will be featured as guests at the convention, a sure marker of the burgeoning community in the Twin Cities. The aforementioned Bob Lipski will be one of the featured guests. Other local names worth checking out include Diana Nock and Toby Jones. Renowned comic folk such as Jim Keefe will also pop up at the Con.

âÄúMinneapolis is getting some of the bigger-name artists coming and moving in,âÄù said Tim Schulte, owner of Granite City Comics. âÄúThey donâÄôt want the hustle and bustle of huge cities like New York. Here they can get the smaller town feel with the large town benefits.âÄù

Within the Twin Cities comic collective, many artists have established positive relationships with one another, working together on projects and maintaining frequent communication.

âÄúEveryone is very supportive of each other,âÄù said Lipski. âÄúThereâÄôs no real competition. ItâÄôs very collaborative.âÄù