Dr. Date: Waiting for That Special Girl; Troubled Friend; MOF’d up

.Dr. Date,

I am a sophomore here at the U, and I am a nice, attractive and athletic, guy in I.T., and I’m wondering if it’s really true that girls think all of us guys in I.T. are dorks. Come on, there are those of us in I.T. who DO shower, don’t play video games constantly, and who are not nerdy.

How do I meet a nice sweet girl who will go for a shy but not nerdy I.T. guy like me? It is really hard for guys like me to meet girls because all we take are I.T. classes, and we all know the male-female ratio there. I live north of campus, so the dorms are not an option anymore. 

How do girls know about guys like us if they never take any classes with us, and think we’re all dorks? Girls who think that all the cute, nice, normal guys in I.T. are taken are WRONG. Girls who think you have to go to Frat Row or Carlson to find good guys, are WRONG. Sometimes I feel like we’re being overlooked. What’s a guy like me to do?

Waiting for That Special Girl

Dear Waiting for That Special Girl,

As someone who spent part of my college career in the Institute of Technology, I certainly can relate to your problem.

Stereotypes at the University abound about what people in other colleges are like. I remember sitting in my first-year physics class and noticing the ratio of approximately nine girls to 110 boys. Scary.

If you want to meet someone who will overlook your IT roots, go outside of your IT world. Join a club at the University that isn’t only IT students. Go to a bar and talk to the ladies. Play intramural sports. Go to the recreation center and flex your muscles in front of the window so the girls walking by can be blown away.

In all seriousness though, if you get to know girls outside of IT, they won’t care what your degree is in. Just know girls definitely will not come looking for you in the Science and Engineering Library.

Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

I have a friend “Henrietta” who recently broke up with her boyfriend “George” of nearly a year and a half. Although she says it was a mutual break-up she is utterly heartbroken and can’t stop wondering if maybe he was “the one.”

She is constantly telling me about how she pictures herself marrying him and having his kids, but there is almost no chance of them getting back together. Furthermore, Henrietta is a devout Christian, so it surprised me to find out that she had been sleeping with George.

She is now wondering if that could have caused their break-up. I doubt that having sex was the sole reason for their break-up, but it seems like nothing I say helps! How can I help her get over him?

Troubled Friend

Dear Troubled Friend,

Unless she and George recently had sex for the first time and then broke up, I doubt that was the problem.

You need to take Henrietta out at night, spend time with her and make her realize she can have a life without George. Maybe he’s the one for her, and if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen, but she can’t sit around and wait until he figures it out. She’s got to figure it out on her own.

I’m not saying she should go searching for a rebound relationship, but she needs someone to show her George is not the only one.

We all have an amazing capacity to love in our life, and to think people give up on that after a bad break up really disappoints me. Henrietta has had a rough time of it lately, but as she gets further away from George and their split, she’ll realize there are a million better hunks out there. Tell her not to lose faith.

As a friend, you can help her try to understand that. Don’t play into any “boys-are-awful,” “boys-are-scum” rhetoric she might be using to make herself feel better. If she trash talks George, agree with her, nod your head, but don’t generalize it to the entire male population.

It’ll help her realize there’s hope for all of us in the end.

Dr. Date

Hola Dr. Date,

My friend and I were discussing this here M.O.F. factor. We came to some startling conclusions.

I happen to have a M.O.F. factor of 1.7. I know I’m not a man-whore, but this number bugs me out.

My friend, on the other hand, lamented, “I don’t think you can divide by zero.” Can you get him laid?


MOF’d up

Dear MOF’d up,

I’m not really sure how you got your M.O.F. of more than 100 percent without being a man-whore. I know the Julia Roberts thing in “Pretty Woman” makes guys think it’s cool to sleep with girls without kissing them, but honestly. Stop sleeping with so many hookers.

As for your friend, tell him to stop worrying so much about getting laid.

The minute he stops stressing about it and trying too hard, the girls will come to him.

If he’s being a sleaze, it just won’t work.

Dr. Date

On that note, Dateworkia, I want to put in a plea.

Dr. Date is looking for some crazy weekend stories. Let me know what’s developing in the love life of the University population this weekend. This doesn’t just have to be crazy, M.O.F.-changing stories of bliss. I welcome stories about new crushes and nights spent running around the neighbor’s yard, trying to spy on the hottie in the window across from yours.

Have a good weekend, Dateworkia. Ciao.