Reduced tuition proposed for children of U staff members

In addition to faculty members, all University employees would be eligible for tuition benefits under a faculty committee proposal.
The proposal, discussed Thursday in a full University Senate meeting, would provide free or reduced tuition for children of University employees.
After five years of service at the University, an employee’s child would be eligible for a 50 percent tuition reduction. The reduction would grow by 10 percent each year for five more years, at which point tuition would be free, according to the meeting agenda.
Seven of the 11 Big Ten universities already offer tuition benefits for staff members. The University of Iowa, the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin do not offer tuition benefits, in addition to the University of Minnesota.
“This would provide the University with an edge in hiring and would also play a role in retention and employee morale,” said Richard Goldstein, chairman of the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs.
Goldstein said he hoped the proposal would be reviewed by administration and be back for approval by the full University Senate in the fall.

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