Occupy movement spreads worldwide

by Jeff Hargarten

As the Wall Street protests enter their fifth week and Occupy Minnesota enters its second, the movement that started in Canada has ignited across the world, the Atlantic reports.

Protesters decrying banking practices and corporate greed have collected in more than 80 cities across Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States in droves. Most reports have described peaceful demonstrations, save for violent clashes in Rome where a small band of militants burned cars and smashed shop windows.

Photo courtesy of The Atlantic

In Minneapolis, protesters remain at Government Plaza even after attempts to setup tents in defiance of county orders forced police to tear them down. Local protesters have resolved to move their tents across the street to U.S. Bank Plaza.

An attempted march on the University of Minnesota fell flat Friday, and there are reports of splintering and disagreement among local activist organizers.

The movement has drawn celebrity attention from the likes of filmmaker Michael Moore, author Neil Gaiman, and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who spoke to protesters in London before being whisked away by police.