Rorvig and Post plan ahead for next year’s MSA election

Waiting impatiently for the phone call that would announce the Minnesota Student Association election results, candidates Andrew Rorvig and Craig Post gathered over slices of pizza and milk at the Phi Kappa Psi house with modest expectations.
The call came in at 7 p.m.: Matt Clark and Rachel Boeke, the candidates they said they disliked most, had won.
As if that were not enough, being told they had received 155 of the 2996 total votes — half the total they were hoping for — and finishing last seemed a bitter blow for Rorvig and Post.
“People really went for the pipe dream of having an outdoor stadium,” Post said, referring to the winning duo’s petitioning for an on-campus stadium.
Rorvig, a public relations junior, and Post, a history sophomore, said they nevertheless wish Clark and Boeke the best of luck.
They also said they hope the winners will live up to their numerous promises, and that they will restore the credibility of MSA.
Despite the results, Rorvig said he and Post would be active as outside participants in MSA next year.
“I think (Wednesday’s loss) will give us a chance to push toward next year’s election,” Post said.

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