St. Paul man kills girlfriend with son in car

by Vanessa Nyarko

A man was charged in Ramsey County District Court with shooting and killing his girlfriend while she sat in the back of an SUV with their infant son, the Star Tribune reported.

Timothy Hendricks, 19, shot Michelle Ploetz, 20, after they left a St. Paul restaurant.  Hendricks asked Ploetz to dinner to discuss his meeting arrangement with their son, the Pioneer Press reported.

During the dispute Hendricks shot Ploetz and fled, according the Star Tribune. Ploetz’s father was driving the car the couple was in and heard the gunshots and went to Ploetz's aid after Hendricks fled.

The police caught Hendricks at an East Side apartment staying with a woman, the Star Tribune reported.

Hendricks’ family believed he needed to be in a mental health facility, getting drug and psychiatric treatment, reported the Pioneer Press. Hendricks got out of jail earlier in the month after he was charged with threatening his teenage nephew with a gun. He'd told police he was addicted to drugs.