Editorial Cartoon Shows Bad Taste

I sincerely hope that the comic that appeared in the 2/12/09 edition of the Daily was just that- a joke about the ridiculousness of the entire scenario. Juxtaposed with the “State of the feminist union” article below it, the comic seems especially heinous. For those who missed it, a quick recap: A male character is presenting a bouquet of flowers to a female character, saying, “Surprise! I wanted to get you flowers a couple days early!” The female looks slightly sheepish, and is quoted, “Junior, I have my period…” This comic not only implies that it is expected of the female to have sex with the him in thanks for a gift (or that the male expects sex in return), but that the woman should feel rightly embarrassed about a natural bodily function that she has no control over! Because ValentineâÄôs Day is equated with romance and love, does that mean it is a holiday where sex is an assumption? As the aforementioned article states, “My generation often shows a mild disdain for feminism… or a vague affiliation to it that they would rather not discuss.” How is this comic funny? I don’t see the humor; instead, I see a lingering of gender inequality even within our university. Kelly Gregg University Student