Culture compass — “Santaland,” Rihanna and Turkey

A&E plans your weekend. You’re welcome, turkeys.

by Sarah Harper


Youth Lagoon and Young Magic

Seventh Street Entry

701 First Ave. N., Minneapolis

8 p.m.



You might be tempted to curl up and take a nap in the Seventh Street Entry tonight âÄî not because Youth Lagoon, aka Trevor Powers, is boring, but because he will make sounds as dreamy as youâÄôd expect from someone whose debut album is called âÄúThe Year of Hibernation.âÄù HeâÄôll whisper scratchy and sweet lo-fi vocals over twinkling instrumentation and long, nap time-ready tones âÄî the result will lull you to sleep before tomorrowâÄôs tryptophan even has a chance.


Bringing Up Baby

Heights Theater

3951 Central Ave. N.E., Columbia Heights

7:30 p.m.


With so many visiting relatives squawking each other into frenzied headaches, a natural Thanksgiving desire is to escape to a dark, impersonal place. And because itâÄôs not socially acceptable to excuse yourself from the dining room table to go hide under your covers, the next logical escape is the movie theater.

If youâÄôre not enthralled by any of this yearâÄôs Turkey Day releases, you can catch the greatest actress in film history, Katherine Hepburn, win the heart of the greatest actor in film history, Cary Grant, in this 1938 classic.


âÄúSantaLand DiariesâÄù by the Frank Theatre

Assembly of the WomanâÄôs Club of Minneapolis

410 Oak Grove St., Minneapolis

8 p.m.


David Sedaris once did time working as a Christmas elf in MacyâÄôs SantaLand, an experience that resulted in a delightfully dark stocking stuffer of an essay, whose theatrical form has been featured in the Frank TheatreâÄôs season before.

Local actor Joe Leary will star in this yearâÄôs production of the satiristâÄôs silly (but satisfyingly sardonic) story. Go and find out if anything can beat listening to the recording of Sedaris telling the story himself.


Listen to this: Rihanna, âÄúYou Da OneâÄù

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Rihanna described this song as âÄúa sweet little love letter.âÄù YouâÄôll want to write RiRi a sweet little love letter after you hear this song. ThereâÄôs a sweet reggae feel to it, a lot of lyrical repetition and just a hint of dirty dubstep. âÄúYou Da OneâÄù is the second single off of RihannaâÄôs new release âÄúTalk that Talk,âÄù which came out Monday. With tracks like this, RiRiâÄôs fourth album might be Da One.

Watch this: TV, all weekend

If youâÄôre going back home for the holiday, make sure you spend every hour in sedentary mode, recreating that old groove into your couch. If youâÄôre not going home for the weekend, you should still spend a ton of time in front of the tube, because hey, youâÄôre on vacation! And Thanksgiving is an especially excellent time for TV watching. Expert channel surfers will intuitively know how to jump between âÄúA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,âÄù âÄúThe GodfatherâÄù and âÄúHow I Met Your MotherâÄù to please everyone in the fam tomorrow.

Read this: âÄúStephen KingâÄôs Rules for Time Travel,âÄù by Sarah Fallon

Time travel is at the crux of Stephen KingâÄôs new novel, âÄú11/22/63.âÄù So when Sarah Fallon of Wired Magazine did a short interview with him, King waxed logical about the rules of jumping through time.

Fallon got King talking about concepts like the grandfather paradox and the butterfly effect in a fascinatingly brief interview.

The best part about the Q&A, other than its refreshing brevity, is the matter-of-fact way King spoke about time travel. At one point, he said, âÄúItâÄôs another ratio: The further back you go, the more precautions you have to take.âÄù

You can catch the Q&A on WiredâÄôs website or in the November issue.

Eat this: Turkey

Like you need to be told to eat turkey! Please. YouâÄôre going to be swimming in the stuff tomorrow. And the next day and the day after that and the day after that until your most charitable family member takes the plastic bag full of meat shreds and pours the contents of the bag into your dogâÄôs gaping mouth. But before itâÄôs all gone, try a little spin on the T-giving classic âÄî marinate it in something different every time you put it on a sandwich. And donâÄôt just make turkey noodle soup; make turkey curry. Kentucky fried turkey, anyone?