Response to “Open Boynton for weekend service”

I read your recent editorial about Boynton Health Service’s lack of hours on the weekend. I would like to shed some light on the topic. 
The decision to remove Saturday hours was made by students who are members of the Student Health Advisory Committee. 
The committee seeks to represent the diverse students of the campus. We have members who represent international students, cultural centers, housing and residential life, the greek community and even departments such as the Aurora Center and Recreation and Wellness Center. SHAC also has at-large members. 
The administration did not make the decision to cut Saturday hours haphazardly. They presented to SHAC the reasons why they wanted to remove Saturday hours — there was not enough student demand. Most of the few students who sought care on the weekend did not have needs that warranted urgent care. 
After considering these facts and many others specified in the minutes available online, SHAC made the decision to remove Saturday hours. I was one of the members who made the decision to remove Saturday urgent care. 
Furthermore, when the proper decision to cut Saturday hours was made, the service was removed gradually.
Abdirahman Hassan
Vice President, SHAC