A cleaner energy opportunity for Minneapolis

by Emma Wright, Martin Gordon — Minnesota Public Interest Research Group

Late last year, the Minneapolis City Council updated their Climate Action Plan with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 30 percent by 2025 using 2006 numbers as a baseline. The council recognized climate change as a problem and the added benefits that clean energy alternatives such as wind, solar and biomass bring to a city. Local jobs, improved public health with pollution reduction and a
diversified energy supply will strengthen Minneapolis moving forward.

This and next year, the 20-year contracts with Xcel Energy and Centerpoint Energy are coming up for renegotiation. Now is the time to make strong commitments to emission reductions and to meet these city goals.

However, right now we have no leverage in these negotiations. This is why Minneapolis residents have created the Minneapolis Energy Options campaign to keep the city’s energy options open. Our leverage comes through a citywide ballot initiative. In November, Minneapolis residents can vote to give the city the authority to create an energy utility if it can prove to provide cleaner, affordable, local and reliable  energy.

If voters provide Minneapolis with this option, we will have the leverage we need to pressure Xcel Energy and Centerpoint Energy into providing us with the cleaner power Minneapolis deserves. Be a part of this once per score  opportunity by getting involved.