CLA: We got the word out

IâÄôm sorry that College of Liberal Arts student Laura Abend is unhappy with the notification about the release of the CLA 2015 report (as she said in her Nov. 22 letter to the editor, “For CLA 2015 Committee, appearance of transparency not enough”).

Although CLA staff decided not to send an e-mail about the report to our nearly 15,000 undergraduates, we did work closely with reporters and the editorial board of the Minnesota Daily so that they had the information as soon as it was released and could report on it in a thoroughly informed manner.

In fact, Conor ShineâÄôs Nov. 8 article, “CLA releases report on its future”, included information about the town hall meetings and a link to where people could give feedback about the report. Other media outlets, including Minnesota Public Radio and the Star Tribune, also mentioned the town hall meetings. The CLA Student Board was part of early feedback

It would be wonderful if more students would read the report, as Abend suggests, and share their opinions. CLA Dean Jim Parente has provided a feedback form at Whoever comments has the option to remain anonymous, and the link will remain live through Nov. 30.