Comparing Neighborhoods

MARCY-HOLMES When reflecting on the neighborhood she calls home, biochemistry and physiology senior Brittany Juhlmann couldnâÄôt help but mention her favorite âÄúdive bar,âÄù the U Otter Stop Inn. âÄúItâÄôs got karaoke seven days a week, and itâÄôs really, really fun,âÄù she said. For most students, the shining star of the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood is Dinkytown, the UniversityâÄôs hotspot for entertainment, food and âÄî chances are âÄî a friendâÄôs house. The Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, stretching from Dinkytown to all the way to Central Avenue Northeast offers a relatively even mix of students and families, as well as houses and apartment complexes. For Juhlmann, the best thing about her neighborhood is its community feel âÄî but being a block and a half from Dunn Brothers, her favorite coffee joint, doesnâÄôt hurt either. Juhlmann, who lives at the intersection of Fifth Street Northeast and Sixth Avenue Northeast, said that while the area has a lot of students, she thinks itâÄôs more of an older crowd. âÄúPeople arenâÄôt keeping you up all night parting on the week days,âÄù she said. âÄúItâÄôs quieter.âÄù Given its proximity to the University and downtown Minneapolis, Marcy-Holmes offers something for everyone. âÄúWeâÄôre right in the middle of both areas,âÄù Juhlmann said, âÄúso thatâÄôs kind of nice.âÄù Where to go: To grab a bite: Loring Pasta Bar , Burrito Loco , Potbelly Sandwich Works , Mesa Pizza , Uncle FrankyâÄôs , Kafe 421 , AlâÄôs Breakfast To throw back a few: Downtime , The Library , Blarney Pub & Grill For a cup of joe: Espresso Royale , The Purple Onion To see a show: Varsity Theater , Kitty Cat Klub , The Dinkytowner Closet grocery store: Lunds, 25 University Ave. S.E. ; Cub Foods, 26th Ave. S. Average rent (per room): $390 UNIVERSITY This is where our brains are put to the test âÄî and where many of them are put to rest at night. Given the convenience of their close proximity to the East Bank campus, dwellings in the University of Minnesota neighborhood might cost a pretty penny compared to other neighborhoods. But for many, the extra dollar is worth it when you get to see and feel the school spirit bouncing off the streets before a basketball game. The downside to living in such a popular neighborhood can be a lack of personal space, said sophomore architecture major Allison Prange . People who live in houses have more room, but if youâÄôre living in some of the nearby apartments, it can feel âÄúkind of dormish,âÄù she said. Besides claiming the East Bank campus, the University neighborhood is perhaps best known for Stadium Village , the long stretch of student-approved businesses along Washington Avenue . There are a whole slew of bars, coffee shops and restaurants âÄî including an uncommonly large number of Asian restaurants. As for those living in the dorms, if the luxuries of meal plans, free laundry and proximity to the Recreation Center arenâÄôt enough, you neednâÄôt travel far to experience a slice of the University spirit. Where to go: To grab a bite: Campus Pizza , Village Wok , The Lotus , Noodles & Company , Chipotle , Jasmine Orchid , Hong Kong Noodle s To throw back a few: The Big 10 , SallyâÄôs Saloon and Eatery , Stub and HerbâÄôs For a cup of joe: Espresso Royale Café , The Tea Garden , Espresso Exposé , Dunn Bros. To see a show: Oak Street Cinema (see a movie, instead) Closet grocery store: Rainbow Foods or Cub Foods, 26th Ave. S. Average monthly rent (per room): $739* *Average per person, per month rate for on-campus housing. Includes the least-expensive mandatory meal plan option, up to 10 meals per week. Residents commit to semester-long pay periods. SOUTHEAST COMO Though Southeast Como is a bit of a hike from campus, its residents donâÄôt mind âÄî theyâÄôve got their own little world over there. Sports management sophomore Mike Dovenberg said he really likes living in the neighborhood, because while itâÄôs easy to get to Dinkytown or campus, he said he usually doesnâÄôt even need to leave Como to find something fun to do. With the East Bank campus and Dinkytown about one mile south, making the trek to class on foot can get tricky in the winter. With plenty of buses running through the area, however, it shouldnâÄôt be too much of a hassle. With its many winding, residential streets, free on-street parking is never hard to come by. When itâÄôs nice out, Van Cleve Park offers a great spot to start up a rowdy game of croquet or badminton. With its modest lineup of businesses near the intersection of 15th and Como avenues, including Planet Beach Tanning Salon and WallyâÄôs Corner Market âÄî equipped with a full line of hookahs âÄî it might have just what youâÄôre looking for. The population is a pretty even mix of students and families. ItâÄôs never too loud on weekdays or too quiet on weekends, Dovenberg said. Most Como residents live in converted old houses, creating a community feel in the college neighborhood. âÄúA lot of people choose to live here,âÄù Dovenberg said, âÄúso itâÄôs really a lot of fun.âÄù Where to go: To grab a bite: Obento-Ya Japanese Bistro , Broadway Pizza To throw back a few: SportyâÄôs Pub & Grill , Mannings Café & Bar For a cup of joe: Muddsuckers Coffee Closet grocery store: Rainbow Foods, 1540 New Brighton Blvd. Average monthly rent (per room): $485 CEDAR-RIVERSIDE For those living on the East Bank, getting acquainted with their Cedar-Riverside neighbors is just a matter of strolling across the Washington Avenue Bridge or catching a Campus Circulator to the West Bank. The neighborhood is known for its diversity, a feature undecided sophomore Ben Yela said he loves. âÄúI really like the fact that, in my apartment building, I walk in and IâÄôm one of the only white people in the building,âÄù he said. And because Yela grew up in a suburb, he said the cultural insight the neighborhood provides is a major selling point. âÄúYouâÄôre not going to see the same type of person,âÄù he said. âÄúItâÄôs not going to be just college students; youâÄôre going see families and immigrants. ItâÄôs really cool.âÄù On the flipside, Yela said he is extra careful at night, as he feels the area can be dangerous. The West Bank houses an array of creative outlets, including the UniversityâÄôs theatre, art and music programs as well as the Mixed Blood Theatre, Theatre in the Round and the Cedar Cultural Center . Named after the intersection of Cedar and Riverside avenues, this triangular-shaped community is surrounded by the Mississippi River on the east, Interstate 94 on the south and Interstate 35W on the west. On a Saturday night, students flock to Seven Corners, the main huddle of bars, restaurants and theaters. Yela said Pizza Luce, just a couple of blocks from his place, always has great pizza. For some authentic Ethiopian fare, he recommends the Blue Nile Restaurant . Mapps Coffee , he added, makes the best chai latte for miles. Where to go: To grab a bite: Hard Times Café , Blue Nile Restaurant , The Wienery To throw back a few: BullwinkleâÄôs Saloon , The Corner Bar , Whiskey Junction , PrestonâÄôs Urban Pub, The Red Sea For a cup of joe: Mapps Coffee & Tea To see a show: Triple Rock Social Club , 400 Bar Closet grocery store: Cub Foods or Rainbow Foods, 26th Ave. S. Average monthly rent (per room): $384 PROSPECT PARK If you can see the WitchâÄôs Hat water tower in the distance, odds are youâÄôre in or near Prospect Park. And if youâÄôre looking for some peace and quiet, youâÄôre in the right place. Chemical engineering graduate student Damien Brewer said the neighborhood is very quiet âÄî sometimes even unfriendly to the college crowd. âÄúMost of the people here are older âÄî working people with families âÄî so itâÄôs not the ideal place if you want to engage in social activities at your home,âÄù he said. On the bright side, Prospect Park is convenient in terms of its location, between St. Paul and the East Bank campus. For Brewer, campus is about a 20 minute walk away, making it âÄújust far enough away to feel like youâÄôre not at school when youâÄôre at home.âÄù Unfortunately, it lacks a great deal of nightlife or restaurants, Brewer said, so he usually heads to Dinkytown or Washington Avenue to go out to eat. With free on-street parking nearly everywhere, finding a spot shouldnâÄôt be a problem. ItâÄôs an old, unique neighborhood, Brewer said, with most people living in well-maintained homes. âÄúItâÄôs a pretty charming area,âÄù he said. âÄúThe houses are old, so they have a nice, distinct character to them.âÄù Where to go: To grab a bite: Kowloon Restaurant , Cupcake Café , U Garden Restaurant, Jimmy JohnâÄôs To throw back a few: Leaning Tower of Pizza For a cup of joe: Overflow Espresso Café , Dunn Bros , Caribou Coffee , ArtistâÄôs Grind Closet grocery store: Rainbow Foods or Cub Foods, 26th Ave. S.; Target, 1300 University Ave. W. Average monthly rent (per room): $433 ST. PAUL The biggest difference one notices when stepping onto the St. Paul campus is its ample amount of green space when compared to the East Bank sprawl. The campus neighborhood is significantly quieter and a lot less crowded. âÄúItâÄôs a lot more chill,âÄù said junior Brian Gename . âÄúItâÄôs not as loud on the weekends.âÄù Gename, an economics major, doesnâÄôt have any classes on the St. Paul campus and said it can take a while to get to the East Bank campus. âÄúItâÄôs a trade-off,âÄù he said. Compared to Dinkytown, housing on the St. Paul campus is a lot less crammed âÄî not to mention that thereâÄôs less of it. The campus, surrounded by Falcon Heights, is located near RosevilleâÄôs shopping district. Though some students might need to take long treks to get to East Bank classes, living in the relaxed St. Paul campus area might just encourage them to stay. Where to go: To grab a bite: Keys Café , Pizza Luce , American Sports Café To throw back a few: Halftime Rec For a good cup of joe: Dunn Bros ., The Tea Garden , Coffee Grounds To see a show: Big VâÄôs , Turf Club Closest Grocery Store: Cub Foods, Har Mar: 2100 Snelling Ave. N. ; Target, 1300 University Ave. W. Average rent (per room): $417 UPTOWN No matter the time, no matter the day, thereâÄôs always something going on in Uptown. ThatâÄôs what psychology graduate student Jonathan Chin said he likes most about living in the neighborhood; there are tons of coffee shops, places to go shopping, movie theaters and other âÄúartsyâÄù venues. The intersection of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue serves as the areaâÄôs focal point for lively businesses and activity. The Uptown Association keeps all eyes on Uptown by holding year-round events like the Uptown Art Fair , the GirlsâÄô Night Out in Uptown âÄî a night when 40 different shops and restaurants offer special deals and giveaways âÄî the âÄúGo RedâÄù for heart disease campaign and several others. If all thatâÄôs not enough, Chin noted UptownâÄôs proximity to Lake Calhoun, a popular spot for fishing, swimming, canoeing, biking and all things outdoorsy. âÄúOnce it warms up, IâÄôll be around there a lot,âÄù he said. Although Uptown isnâÄôt known for having a lot of families living in the area, its population is generally older than the University crowd. âÄúIt tends to be where people go after they get out of Dinkytown or maybe after they graduate,âÄù Chin said. If there is a flip-side to all this warm and fuzzy Uptown praise, Chin said itâÄôs that it can be noisy, especially since his apartment is old and not well-insulated. âÄúI hear everything that goes on in the streets at three in the morning,âÄù he said. Rental units in the area represent a relatively even mix of apartments, houses and duplexes, and they tend to cost a bit more than in other neighborhoods. Although itâÄôs about three miles from the East Bank campus, bus lines are plentiful. For Chin, getting to class usually takes about 10 minutes by bus. In addition, free on-street parking isnâÄôt hard to find. The best thing about Uptown, Chin said, is that everything you need is within walking distance âÄî youâÄôd almost never need a car. Where to go: To grab a bite: Pizza Luce , Fuji-Ya Sushi , Chino Latino , DâÄôAmico & Sons , Tum Rup Thai , Common Roots Café , Sunny Side-Up Café To throw back a few: CC Club , The Bulldog , Liquor LyleâÄôs , The Chatterbox Pub , Bryant Lake Bowl For a cup of joe: Uncommon Grounds Coffeehouse , Dunn Bros ., The Tea Garden To see a show: Uptown Bar & Café , Cabooze , Famous DaveâÄôs BBQ and Blues , RudolphâÄôs BBQ Closet grocery store: Rainbow Foods, 1104 Lagoon Ave.;Lunds, 1450 W. Lake St. Average rent (per room): $467 *The Daily used to calculate average monthly rent prices. The site computes rent prices within neighborhoods based on sample rents listed. Actual rent may vary.