Wrestling live blog: No. 8 Minnesota 18, No. 16 Northwestern 16

by Austin Cumblad

A loss by the narrowest of margins to Michigan Friday night should have the Gophers fired up to take on the 16th-ranked Wildcats this afternoon at the Sports Pavilion.  I’ll update scores and provide a play-by-play between each match.  Matches start at 165 pounds.

165 – Scott Glasser vs. Kyle Bertin -First Period: Takedown by Glasser with just under a minute left in the period opens up the scoring. He leads 2-0 after one. -Second Period: Bertin starts down, escapes. Glasser scores a takedown. Bertin escapes after an injury timeout. Glasser notches another takedown, goes for pin but is not credited for a near-fall. Glasser leads 6-2. -Third Period: Glasser starts down, escapes quickly. Glasser with a takedown, tries to flip Bertin but can’t, he allows an escape. Another takedown for Glasser, he gets another point for riding time and records a 12-3 major decision. 174 – Kaleb Young vs. Robert Kellogg -First Period: No scoring -Second Period: Young starts down, finally manages an escape with 40 seconds left in the period for the only scoring, Young is up 1-0. -Third Period: Kellogg starts down, escapes. Young scores a takedown but Kellogg escapes again. Neither man seems to want to wrestle the last half of the period, because Kellogg has the advantage in riding time, it’s tied 3-3. Overtime to come. -Overtime: Kellogg notches a takedown, wins 5-3. 184 – Sonny Yohn vs. No. 1 Jake Herbert -First Period: Takedown Herbert before Yohn escapes. Herbert records a late takedown, the period ends with Herbert up 4-1. -Second Period: Herbert starts down. After a reset, Herbert reversal. Yohn answers with an escape but Herbert takes him down again, then scores a 2-point near-fall. It’s 10-2. -Third Period: Yohn starts down, Herbert allows him to escape. Takedown Herbert. After a reset for out of bounds, Herbert lets Yohn escape again. Herbert scores another takedown, then lets Yohn escape. Herbert with another takedown, he wins 16-5. 197 – Gordon Bierschenk vs. Jake Schoen -First Period: Late takedown by Schoen is only scoring of the period, it’s 2-0. -Second Period: Bierschenk starts down, finally escapes with under a minute remaining. After a neutral reset, Bierschenk records a takedown, ends period leading 3-2. -Third Period: Schoen starts down. Bierschenk won’t allow an escape, wins by a 3-2 decision and the Sports Pavilion salutes his performance. Hwt – No. 19 Ben Berhow vs. Paul Rands -First Period: Berhow scores a quick takedown. On a reset, Rands starts down and escapes. Berhow gets ahold of Rands’ leg and notches another takedown, they wrestles out of bounds and Rands starts down again, then escapes. Berhow answers with another takedown. Berhow scores a 2-point near-fall just before the period ends, he leads 8-2 -Second Period: Rands starts down, escapes. Berhow with another takedown, Rands is bloody, prompting an injury timeout. Rands starts down again and escapes. Takedown by Berhow. 12-4 after two, Berhow with a 2:13 advantage in riding time. -Third Period: Berhow starts down, escapes almost immediately. Takedown Berhow, then Rands escapes. Berhow gets the riding time bonus point and wins by major decision, 16-5. 125 – No. 7 Zach Saners vs. No. 3 Brandon Precin -First Period: Takedown by Precin late in the period is the only scoring, he leads 2-0. -Second Period: Sanders starts down. Some confusion on the scoring. Originally it looked like Precin notched a two point and a three point near-fall, but the referee corrected the score after the period, saying it was only the three point because Precin never released the hold. Period ends with Precin leading 5-0 and holding a 2:12 advantage in riding time. -Third Period: Precin starts down, escape. Sanders with a takedown, then Precin escapes again. Sanders with a three point near-fall, almost gets the pin as time clicks off, but Precin gets the riding time bonus point and comes away with the 8-7 decision. 133 – No. 4 Jayson Ness vs. Eric Metzler -First Period: Ness scores a quick takedown, then another with 1:22 left in the period. -Second Period: Ness starts down, escapes, then records a takedown. Metzler escape. Ness leads 7-2. -Third Period: Metzler starts down, Ness lets him escape. Ness takedown, then Metzler escapes again. Takedown Ness, he rides Metzler the rest of the way, scores the riding time bonus point for a 12-4 major decision. 141 – No. 8 Mike Thorn vs. No. 16 Keith Sulzer -First Period: Takedown Thorn late in the period, he leads 2-0. -Second Period: Sulzer starts down. Escapes with 30 seconds remaining in the period. Thorn leads 2-1 after two. -Third Period: Thorn starts down, reverses. Add the bonus point and Thorn takes it 5-1. 149 – Joe Grygelko vs. Andrew Nadhir -First Period: No scoring -Second Period: Nadhir starts down, escapes. -Third Period: Grygelko starts down, escapes. Grygelko with a takedown, Nadhir escapes. Nadhir notches a takedown, wins 4-3. 157 – No. 17 Tyler Safratowich vs. No. 14 Jason Welch -First Period: Takedown Welch. Reset with Safratowich down, he escapes. Welch records a takedown, leads 4-1. -Second Period: Safratowich starts down, escapes. Takedown Welch, period ends 6-2. -Third Period: Welch starts down, Safratowich lets him escape. Takedown Welch. Safratowich escapes, time ticks off, Welch wins 10-3 after the riding time bonus point.