Challenging the Dayton endorsement

by Jenna Wotrang - University student

I was very disappointed to read the editorial published Thursday endorsing Mark Dayton for governor.

DaytonâÄôs proposals on education are well intended, but unrealistic, frightening, lacking and harmful to many students and their families. The self-proclaimed advocate for education and poor/middle class Minnesotans ironically does not propose any plans to help decrease tuition or even hold it at its current rate (a fact the editorial itself acknowledged, writing “We are disappointed Dayton didnâÄôt promise to hold down short-term tuition costs.”)

Dayton also expects cuts in the UniversityâÄôs administration, also confirmed by the editorial, which describes Dayton as recognizing “that cuts can be made to the upper levels of the University of MinnesotaâÄôs administration.” Neither DaytonâÄôs inaction on tuition rates nor his expectation of cuts is beneficial for University students.

In addition to refusing to take a stand on tuition rates and acknowledging cuts, DaytonâÄôs proposed tax structure will make it difficult for many studentsâÄô families to afford tuition âÄî not to mention tuition at neighboring schools such as the University of St. Thomas and Concordia University, which are higher than that of the University.

With more money spent on taxes, fewer families will have the finances necessary for their childrenâÄôs education at these institutions, resulting in drops in admissions and higher student loans. Please consider the tight financial situation that many students are already in and that most students do not wish to see tuition or taxes increase, nor cuts in University administration.

As a student body, we have diverse political views and have enjoyed reading the Daily because of its usual objectivity and respect to all views. Please understand and acknowledge that all candidates have flaws in their proposals, and Mark Dayton is not exempt. DaytonâÄôs proposals on University education will not serve students and their families, and he should not be elected.