44,000 students charged accidental late fee

The fee was charged to students Wednesday and should have been reversed by the end of the day.

by Taryn Wobbema

The University of Minnesota inadvertently charged about 44,000 students late fees on their tuition bills yesterday. The mistake has since been corrected, said University spokesperson Dan Wolter. Any delay in reversing the error was because of the UniversityâÄôs billing system, Wolter explained. The entire billing system must run through the cycle before any such adjustments can be made. All the fees should have been removed by 9:15 p.m. Wednesday night, Wolter said. In a statement, he apologized on behalf of the University and urged students with bill discrepancies to bring up the issue with One Stop student services. The amount of the fees varied, Wolter said, depending on the size of the bill to which they were added. âÄúIf there is a problem students should call Onestop and they can resolve it,âÄù Wolter said. -Luke Feuerherm contributed to this report.