Young and old to celebrate Earth Day in St.Paul

Annual Wishes for the Sky event to take place Sunday.

A wish from the youngest and the oldest Minnesotans will kick off St. PaulâÄôs annual Earth Day event Sunday. With Earth Day coming Tuesday, April 22, St. Paul will celebrate with Wishes for the Sky, an event that began in 2007 at which people can write their wishes on bird-shaped kites and send them into the air, according to a press release. Walter Breuning, 112, has offered his wish for the first kite to fly at SundayâÄôs event as the oldest man in the United States. Breuning lives in Great Falls, Mont., but was born in Melrose, Minn., in 1896. Vonda Vaden, spokewoman for the event, said event planners will also visit St. JosephâÄôs Hospital Sunday morning to ask for a wish from the parents of the first baby born that day. That wish will fly on a kite next to BreuningâÄôs. The event is sponsored by Saint Paul Parks and Recreation, Public Art Saint Paul and Eureka Recycling. Kites will be provided and visitors are encouraged to use green transportation to get to the event, which will begin at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at Harriet Island.