University representative appointed Met Council chair

by Liz Anderson

A University of Minnesota representative was appointed chair of the Metropolitan Council Friday by Governor Mark Dayton.  

Adam Duininck, who is currently the head of the transportation committee, will now serve as fulltime as chair. He represents St. Anthony and East Minneapolis areas, which encompasses the University.

The decision comes after Duininck announced in December he would be applying to replace Susan Haigh, who was appointed chair in 2011.

Following his appointment, Duininck announced that he would be traveling on a seven-week, seven county tour of Minneapolis and St. Paul, according to a press release.

During this tour, he will visit each community that relies on the council for support and familiarize himself with each area.

“In my new full-time role leading the Council, I will invest significant time in building strong relationships around the metro to ensure that we’re effectively fulfilling the Council’s mission of building a prosperous metropolitan region,” he said in a press release.

Duininck has served a decade on the council, including on the transportation advisory board. As chair, Duininck said he will focus on transit infrastructure in the metro area, building transit stations hubs, and improving bus stations near campus.

In a press release Dayton said Duininck will be instrumental in the upcoming legislative debate over transportation funding.