Deadline looms for Tehran nuclear program negotiations

by Haley Madderom

International negotiators gathered in a Muscat, Oman luxury hotel Sunday to barter over Tehran’s nuclear program and the talks which continued into the next day did not ease the gridlock, Aljazeera said.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry aims to strike a deal to heighten limitations on Iran’s uranium enrichment capacity and increase oversight of bomb-building progress, while slowing calls to deplete international sanctions as much as possible before the upcoming Nov. 24 deadline, Reuters said.
Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear independence have been a source of international contention for over a decade, The Wall Street Journal reported.
While Western nations and Israel suspect that Iran has been developing nuclear weapons in secrecy, Iran has repeatedly denied any covert operation. Leaders thee say that its nuclear operations are a sovereign right, The Wall Street Journal reported. The Iranian government claims it wants to develop peaceful nuclear energy, despite its refusal to limit its uranium enrichment capacity.
Talks will involve representatives from Iran and Germany in addition to the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council Tuesday, Reuters said.