Visiting parents? Bring them here!

Impress your family by bringing them to these top-rated food joints.

Your parents are visiting from Podunk and theyâÄôre hungry. You need to impress. You need to have a good time. You need to look cool and worthy of their love and âÄì more importantly âÄì their money. If you find yourself stumped, donâÄôt despair, youâÄôre just a short list away from savvy dinner selection superstardom. A&E has chosen a few of the best places, depending on your region. West Bank Middlebrook residents and CSOM friends have some good picks in their neighborhood. The area has a diverse international showing and is one of the cheaper areas to eat. Why donâÄôt you show your parents that newfangled light rail while youâÄôre over there? The Acadia Café (329 Cedar Ave S) has a nice atmosphere with part coffee shop and part restaurant. The brownies are unbeatable and so are the ruebens and fries. A close second would be the Lucky Dragon (1827 Riverside Ave) for their lunch buffet. The decorations are mad fly, featuring the phenomenon of cat tables and a full mountain fountain near the window. Downtown MPLS Them there sin cities can swallow you whole. Take your parents downtown to show them the street smarts youâÄôve amassed. The fares may be a bit spendy, but it will be a good time to make up stories about all the city characters youâÄôve encountered. Though it may be cliché, the Old Spaghetti Factory (233 Park Ave) is a solid place to go for an all around dining experience. ItâÄôs got atmosphere, not-so-bad pasta, free ice cream after dinner and a relatively low price tag. Stadium Village If you show your âÄòrents the new stadium, maybe theyâÄôll buy you the season tickets you want so damn much. The villageâÄôs prices are mid-range and offer a wide mix of restaurants. A stroll down Washington is all you need to find a satisfactory place to eat. A smart choice is always Village Wok, (610 Washington Ave SE) the kingpin of Stadium Village dining. The Pineapple Chicken can be summed up in three words: om nom nom. As long as you are around and staying in the Asian-themed dining, The Tea Garden , also in the neighborhood, makes for a refreshing drinkable dessert. Seven Corners A buffer between downtown and campus, Seven Corners is also a rather mid-priced area to eat. Although GrandmaâÄôs (a parent favorite) has unfortunately closed, the area still has some treats to offer. Just across the highway from Cedar Riverside, the area generally has more domestic restaurants and a lot of nice bars. The Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery (1430 Washington Ave S), is known for its creative take on American food and prime selection of local beers. The Jewel of India also gets high marks if you inherited some spicy food loving genes. St. Anthony Though itâÄôs oft forgotten, St. Anthony has some of the best snacks around. A little more expensive than what youâÄôd find closer to campus, it remains a nice quiet area to take the folks. Park the van and walk down Main Street to Pranca On Main (117 Main St SE), right next to the St. Anthony cinema. There youâÄôll find excellent pub food and atmosphere. Tell them itâÄôs the oldest restaurant on the oldest street in Minneapolis for a few extra points over your siblings . Dinkytown You really shouldnâÄôt need this guide to find a place to eat in Dinkytown because the answer to where to eat is hands down AnnieâÄôs Parlour (313 14th Ave SE) Sure Dinkytown also has the pan-Asian stylings of Pagoda and the sophisticated Greek cuisine of Café 421, but AnnieâÄôs Parlour is where itâÄôs at when it comes to the parents. ItâÄôs got a good view, filling food and malts good enough to make your siblings want to come visit you again.