Wall Street protests to reach Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank

by Dina Elrashidy

Following the footsteps of Wall Street protesters, activists from Minnesota plan to take to the streets at the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis Oct. 7, the Star Tribune reports.  

Protesters posted a video promising to occupy the Federal Reserve in a demonstartion against the prominent economic class gap in the U.S.

In a meeting of approximately 25 activists, the group emphasized a commitment to non-violence. Their plan is to stage a peaceful occupation on the grassy area or sidewalk by the bank. The group has been fully transparent to the media about its plans in hopes of drawing a bigger crowd to the event.

“We are trying to be transparent, because we want to be totally nonviolent,” said Osha Karow, one of the activists leading the group’s meeting. “We want everyone to know what our intentions are and we also want everybody and anybody to be involved in the process. We are not really worrying about who gets the information, because we are hoping enough people come out who will be in solidarity with us.”

Representatives from Minneapolis Police Department and the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Law Enforcement told KSTP they know of the planned protest.

This is just one of a series of similar anti-establishment, anti-government protests around the country since the “Occupy Wall Street” protests began on Sept. 17. From complaints of corruption to lack of affordable housing and joblessness, protests are errupting across the world according to the New York Times.