Bikers need more protection

While new lanes are a good start, more should be done to protect bicyclists.

by Daily Editorial Board

One of the newest additions to campus this fall is the very noticeable neon green bike lanes that run along 15th Avenue at the University Avenue and Fourth Street intersections. The city should be praised for implementing these safety measures, especially in the busiest intersection on campus.

Less noticeable are the added âÄúsharrowsâÄù along Pleasant Street (pictures of bicyclists with arrows pointing in the correct direction), which let bikers know to ride out in the road rather than near the curb, but do not seem to make motorists any more aware.

It has been a long time coming for officials to take such measures to enhance the safety of bicyclists on campus. However, it is troubling that the only green bike lanes found on campus are along this two-block stretch of concrete.

The University of Minnesota hosts over 6,000 bicyclists a day, and adding numerous construction projects around campus doesnâÄôt improve safety for anyone. In fact, even University police Chief Greg Hestness told the Minnesota Daily that things are especially dangerous given the construction.

It is important to remember that bicyclists have been hit all over campus, not in just one stretch of road. Safety measures that make motorists more aware of bicycles should be implemented at all high-traffic areas on campus, especially in construction-riddled areas or areas with a dangerous mix of cars, bikes and pedestrians.